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Medical Professional Using Ultrasound Machine
Medical Professional Using Ultrasound Machine

Point of Care

Heartland Medical Sales & Services offers ultrasound solutions, equipment and services which will improve your medical facilities services to your patients. Our range of sonography equipment, ultrasound machines and advanced technologies will meet your clinical needs and provide the flexibility and functionality that you need to make confident and reliable diagnoses.

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Ultrasound Imaging for General Applications

Maximize your clinical care potential. Heartland Medical Sales & Services ultrasound imaging systems provide unmatched image quality and cutting edge versatility for a wide range of clinical applications. This increases confidence in your diagnosis for better patient outcomes.

Cardiac Ultrasound Machines

Keep up with the latest developments in echocardiography. Heartland Medical Sales & Services offers cutting-edge assistance with technologies that enable you to get vital details and complete information to aid in making informed decisions.

Ultrasound Breast Imaging

Our certified expert sales and service staff will navigate our customers through the process of identifying the right equipment, whether portable ultrasound machines or handheld ultrasound products. Heartland Medical is here to help.

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