Endoscopy Equipment

What equipment is needed for an endoscopy?

From the endoscopy area, there are several pieces of equipment and tools that ensure a safe, successful procedure.

The equipment and tools include:

1. Specific scopes are needed for a procedure

2. Video monitors

3. Imaging Equip.

4. Anesthetic tools and medication

5. Endo cabinet

6. Endo cart

Specific Scopes

Among the more evident, but necessary medical equipment pieces in the endoscopy area, is your endoscope. The specific scope will change based upon the region of the body that will be analyzed, the process can’t be achieved without it.

Video, Imaging & Light Equipment

Although the scope is a primary part of the procedure, there are equally important pieces of equipment which are important for a successful procedure. Such as:

1. Video monitors

2. Light sources

3. Video processors

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