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Medical Equipment Planning Services For Medical Company Startups.

Medical equipment planning for medical facility startups & surgery centers is a specialty service offered by Heartland Medical’s sales and service team.

Equipment planning for medical facility startups, including surgery centers, is a specialty service offered by Heartland Medical’s Sales and Service Team. The need for building surgical centers is highlighted by the increasing number of outpatient surgeries, and the planning and procurement of medical equipment are essential parts of this process.

Why Medical Equipment Planning is Necessary?

Medical equipment planning services include having our experts work through your equipment wish lists step by step while providing insight and feature comparisons for the hospital equipment and medical device models you need. We research and explain life-cycle cost and product specifications so you may make an informed decision. We will be your partner from start-up to finish working in a “turn-key” manner helping you choose equipment, install the equipment, in-service your staff on the usage of the products, and help you put into place technical support and maintenance plans that will meet your every need cost-effectively.

Medical Equipment Planning in Building Out a Surgery Center

Surgery centers provide a great deal of benefits to patients, making it more in line with patient-centric care. With advancements in medical technology, many surgeries have become less invasive. Lower costs and ease for patients are among the benefits, with many hospital charges getting waived off like room costs, administration charges, and those associated with post-operative care.

Commonly Performed Outpatient Surgeries
Here are some routinely performed outpatient surgeries that are generally low risk:

  • Tonsillectomy
  • Herniorrhaphy
  • Cholecystectomy
  • Some kinds of cosmetic surgery
  • Cataract surgery

Building a Surgery Center: A Step-by-Step Guide
If you are in the business of hospital management, then you might want to consider building a surgery center. Here’s how you can start:

Purchasing Capital Medical Equipment

At Heartland Medical Sales & Services, we assist facilities with medical equipment planning and provide equipment for every area of the surgery center such as anesthesia machines, surgical tables, stretchers, patient monitors, and much more.

Get Information
We can help you identify the necessary equipment and evaluate the cost of building out your surgery center.

Some Additional Tips on Assessing Your Needs in Building Out the Surgery Center

  • Reach Out to Physicians
    Reach out to physicians that specialize in your selected outpatient surgeries and pitch them your idea. They may have insights into specific needs and may be ready to partner with your facility.
  • Identify the Potential Facility
    Keep in mind the cost of the facility, regulatory requirements, and essential infrastructures like a comfortable waiting room, information desk, and handicap accessibility.
  • Source Additional Medical Equipment
    Consult the physicians in your partnership regarding the medical equipment they require, focusing on essentials like surgical tables, lab equipment, scanning and monitoring equipment, and surgical tools.
  • Devise a Patient Care Plan
    Other than physicians, you will require medical care providers that handle all the associated patient care requirements before, during, and after surgical procedures.
  • Aim for Growth
    Once you have handled all the necessary legal, administrative, healthcare requirements that green light your facility, it is time to open your doors to patients. Aim for growth by employing more physicians and expanding your facility to cover more outpatient surgeries, bringing in more revenue.
  • Work with Experienced Professionals
    Our team can help guide you through the process and share insights learned from our experience working with other surgical centers.

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