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It would be perfect if doctors and physicians could always provide patients with essential care without any limits. However, in the real world, healthcare providers have to take into consideration the costs associated with purchasing all the necessary equipment, surgical tools, life-saving machines, and other medical supplies.

Fortunately, there is a way to lower those expenses – a hospital or a clinic buys used medical equipment instead of new and have more money to spend on their operating costs. In this way, they can continue to provide high-standard patient services in their facilities despite additional expenses. We want to make it easier for them, so we search for second-hand medical equipment to purchase and refurbish to make it convenient for healthcare providers to buy it from us whenever they need it.

Why Sell to Us?

Our company has been servicing and selling medical equipment since 1998, at first specializing in repairing anesthesia machines, and then in buying and selling used medical equipment of many kinds. We employ highly-qualified technical staff whose combined experience reaches 150 years. To confirm our competencies, we have uploaded our numerous training certifications that can be viewed here. We are members of the Independent Medical Dealer Association and the Ambulatory Surgery Center Association. We provide our business partners with technical support available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We’re buying items directly from you – there won’t be any middleman involved. You’ll never be disappointed with our superb service!

Purchasing Department

We are reliable, trusted, and we always try to provide the best conditions for every transaction so that both sides can be fully satisfied. What is more, when you decide to sell used medical equipment to us, we’ll help you with all the formalities or logistics associated with particular products. Every item may demand some other steps to be taken, and thanks to our vast experience, we know how to deal with any of them.

Refurbishment Process

When we buy medical items from a clinic or a hospital, we always carefully refurbish every piece of equipment before we proceed to sales. It’s vital to us to make every item fully functional before it is installed in the next facilities. Hence, our employees are up-to-date with technology development, and they’re always looking for the best spare parts to install in a particular tool or machine. Then, we can sell medical equipment that is completely reliable and efficient.

Top Used Medical Equipment We Are Looking For

Here are some examples of the used medical equipment we would like to buy and sell.

Patient Monitors

Patient monitors are crucial in every hospital because they allow the nurses and doctors to observe all the vital medical signs (blood pressure, pulse rate, respiratory rate, and body temperature) and measure various body organs’ activity. If you have some used monitors and you would like to sell them to us, it would be a great help.

Ultrasound Equipment

We’re also looking for ultrasound medical equipment in relatively good condition. Thanks to such screening machines, doctors can carefully examine a patient’s internal organs, which helps to establish a relevant diagnosis and choose a proper treatment. Such a tool is also essential for monitoring a fetus’s development and taking care of its health.

Anesthesia Machines

Most invasive procedures (and some of the non-invasive ones) require local or general anesthetic so that a patient can receive the necessary help without feeling the pain. If you have any pre-owned or used anesthesia machines, please contact us, as we’ll be really delighted to buy them from you on the best terms possible.


We would also be pleased to find some defibrillators to purchase. Such a device can provide a strong energy shock to the heart of a person who is in a state of cardiac arrest. Thanks to this procedure, a doctor can try to save the life of someone very close to death.

Electrosurgical Units

One of the categories of medical equipment that is also very important for us is electrosurgical units. They are in high demand, as they are necessary for many different hospital departments. If you need any help with the transport of the products you want to sell to us, our company will be glad to provide proper logistics with all the safety measures put into practice.

EKG Machines

If you have any used EKG machines to offer, we are also willing to purchase them and then refurbish and put them on sale so that other clinics or hospitals can use them to test for signs of heart disease. This device is designed to record the electrical activity of a person’s heart with some tiny electrode patches that have to be attached to the chest, legs, and arms.

Medical Sterilizer

All the medical equipment must be thoroughly sterilized to provide patients with good care and not let them accidentally get infected during a procedure. For this reason, doctors must have many sterilizers, and if you happen to have an unneeded one to sell, please let us know, and we’ll send you an offer.

Surgical Tables

In case you have any type of used surgical table to sell, feel free to call or contact us online as well. Such medical equipment is very much needed by sellers like our company because hospitals often request us to provide them. They are necessary for performing a wide range of life-saving procedures that demand anesthesia and surgery.

Surgical Lights

Another kind of medical equipment that we seek to purchase is surgical lighting. Doctors use it to illuminate a local area or a cavity of the body where they work. It’s crucial for them to see everything clearly, so such lights must be very sharp. We’d love to receive this used medical equipment from you for fair pay and get them back into excellent condition.

Hospital Stretchers

Thanks to stretchers, paramedics can safely transport people with severe injuries into an ambulance and then to the hospital. They are highly sought after by our company, so we will be grateful for any phone call or email from someone who can sell such medical equipment to us.

Respiratory Ventilators

Last but certainly not least, we highly value every offer of a respiratory ventilator that reaches us. Such technology helps people who have difficulty breathing, so it may be crucial for saving lives. When you sell used respiratory ventilators to us, you can be sure that they will be maintained appropriately, and they will end up being helpful in another facility soon after.

Fill in the Form or Call Us

No matter if you need to ask us a question or want to proceed directly to a quote request, and sell your used medical equipment, feel free to contact us anytime. Potential sellers can reach us by phone: 1-866-467-5580, or fill in the form to provide all the necessary information. We value every business partner who helps us to find medical equipment that we can sell after refurbishment.