Fluid Warming Cabinet

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Mac Medical Stainless Steel Blanket & Fluid Warmer Product Image
Mac Medical Stainless Steel Blanket & Fluid Warmer

Patient warming can have many benefits. It may improve recovery, decrease blood loss, reduce the risk of surgical site infections and shorten hospital stays. We invite you to browse Heartland Medical’s fluid warming cabinets in any size and budget.

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Blanket Warming Cabinet

Pedigo P-2020 Blanket Warmer Product Image
Pedigo P-2020 Blanket Warmer

The blanket warmer is also known as a blanket warming cabinet or blanket warming machine. It stores and warms linens and blankets and sterilizes intravenous (IV), and surgical irrigation fluids within a medical environment. There are many sizes and compartments for blanket warmers. Blanket warmers can be used to heat IV and surgical irrigation fluids in order to reduce hypothermia risk for patients following surgery. Blanket warmers may also be used in spas, dentist offices, veterinary offices, and other medical environments.

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