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Leica M525 F50 Surgical Microscope Image
Leica M525 F50 Surgical Microscope

Surgical microscopes are increasingly being used in operating rooms because they provide clear visuals of the surgical field, adjustable magnification and bright illumination. Modern surgical microscopes can be integrated with multiple imaging modalities such as fluorescence imaging (OCT), optical coherence tomography (OCT), and augmented reality (AR), for image-guided surgery.

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Our surgical microscopes like the Leica Microsystems‘ offer surgical microscopes that are specifically designed for microsurgery. The modular system allows for maximum maneuverability and clear images from the compact optical unit.

About Surgical Microscopes

What can a surgeon expect from microscopy surgery? Sharp, clear images, flexibility, ease of use, high-quality recording and video systems, and flexibility are all things surgeons can expect from surgical microscopy.Operating microscopes are used by surgeons in neurology, ophthalmology and otolaryngology. They magnify the view of the surgical site to provide more information than what the naked eye can see.

Surgeons have benefited from technological advances that have improved microscope performance, increased the number of available diagnostic and operational tools, and ultimately, improved patient safety and outcomes. Some examples of recent developments in surgical microscopy include: compact horizontal optics, increased reach and overhead clearance for optimum maneuverability, ergonomically-designed microscopes and accessories to improve surgeon posture and comfort, fully integrated HD video and recording in 2D and 3D, intraoperative fluorescence to see blood flow or brain tumors, and stable red reflex.

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Heartland Medical has a wide variety of surgical microscope for sale for many medical specialties as well as used surgical microscopes. If you need any assistance our staff of experts is here to help.

Laboratory Microscopes

Leica Microsystems Light Microscopes Image
Leica Microsystems Light Microscopes

Any laboratory microscope should produce high-quality images. This can be done using an optical microscope that uses light, a scanning microscope or transmission electron microscope that uses electrons, or a scanning probe microscope which uses a probe. The most popular type of microscope is the upright microscope. It has the lighting system below the stage, and the lens system above. Inverted microscopes, which are particularly useful for cell culture purposes, reverse this arrangement. Biotechnology, pharmaceutical research and microelectronics are some of the applications.

Heartland Medical laboratory microscopes provide extreme magnification which can be found in a laboratory microscope and the objective of any lab microscope is to generate clear, high-quality pictures, whether an optical microscope, which uses light to create the image, a scanning or transmission electron microscope (utilizing electrons), or even a scanning probe microscope (with a probe).

Heartland Medical is here to help with any questions regarding our selection of medical laboratory microscopes we offer and guide you in any way we can.

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