Surgical Tables

Types of Operating Tables
There are two most common types of operating tables: general surgical tables, and orthopedic tables (or fracture tables).

General surgical tables have been employed in a vast array of surgical procedures like cardiovasculardisease, pediatric, gynecology, gall bladder, and plastic surgery. An overall surgical table doesn’t have any specialization. On the contrary, it’s designed for flexibility and adaptability across a vast collection of operations. General surgical tables may be adjusted for length and height, may be tilted to either side, and tilted horizontally. On most typical tables, the head area is removable and may have an assortment of attachable head rests.

The orthopedic table, allows for simple manipulation and maneuverability needed in orthopedic surgeries. To successfully execute an orthopedic surgery, surgeons need precise flexibility and control while directing the patient. Orthopedic tables permit this accessibility and flexibility of movement as seen with our skytron surgical tables as well as the steris surgical tables.

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