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Interior of a surgery room in a hospital
Digital image of the interior of a surgery room in a hospital

Our hospital equipment bridge’s the gap between the constant need for quality and performance with the increasing demand for savings. The product line we offer is a comprehensive one-stop-shop for all the medical devices needed for hospital settings. We also provide cost-efficient price points and doctors-preferred items with low clinical differentiation, helping providers improve the bottom line while delivering high-quality care. Because we work from the acute channel, we’re uniquely positioned to stay ahead, finding product efficiencies that move care forward.

Medical Equipment

Heartland Medical Sales & Services offers a complete line of used, refurbished and new hospital equipment, furniture and accessories. We have a wide range of hospital beds, hospital stretchers and blanket warmers.

Heartland Medical has a large stock and industry knowledge that allows it to provide equipment packages for all hospitals. These include a variety of new units as well as professionally refurbished brands.

Our medical equipment specialists can help you evaluate the pros and cons of different products, as well as recommend the best choices. Our biomedical staff is available to answer technical questions and provide specifications.

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