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Image of Edan SE 18 Heartland Medical
Edan SE-18 18-Lead ECG Machine

Heartland Medical Sales & Services is a trusted distributor of new and refurbished EKG machines for sale. We have nearly 24 years of experience, and we specialize in operating and recovery room medical settings and additional medical facilities like hospitals, ambulatory surgery, and pain management settings. We can design product packages to meet different business needs, economic constraints or business requirements. However, our core specialty remains providing success to our customers with a commitment to 100% total customer satisfaction.

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EKG machines are required for all medical facilities that have a cardiologist or general healthcare professionals. Heartland Medical has a variety of EKG machines, including standalone and PC-based machines. EKG accessories, and other medical equipment can be purchased from us to further enhance, equip, and expand your medical services.

What is a EKG machine (or ECG Machine)?

One’s German (EKG machine), and one’s English (ECG Machine). They mean the same thing. The term first appeared in medical literature in 1900 in an article by Dr. Willem Einthoven (a Dutch physician and physiologist), who created the foundations of the modern EKG.

An EKG machine is a diagnostic tool that continually evaluates and records your heart’s electrical and muscular functions over some time. These devices, also known as ECG machines or EKG machines, can detect tiny electrical changes in the skin using its electrodes. This can be used to help doctors diagnose any cardiac problems. Modern models have analog-to-digital convectors that allow digital recording and are compatible with computers.

We Offer Affordable ECG System

Heartland Medical offers a wide variety of EKG/ECG medical equipment for sale or rent for medical environments such as laboratories, hospitals, medical clinics, doctors’ offices, and surgery centers.

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