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Intensive care unit (ICU) LCD monitor with an ongoing surgery in background
Intensive care unit (ICU) LCD monitor with an ongoing surgery in background

Patient Monitoring Systems

Heartland Medical offers a range of flexible and innovative patient monitoring options that will equip you with the tools to provide high-quality, patient-centric healthcare.

Four main vital signs are monitored by healthcare professionals and medical professionals

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Body temperature and pulse rate, blood pressure, and respiratory rate. The medical practice of cardiology also requires the recording and measurement of electrical activity over a time period (also known as ECG/EKG or electrocardiography). This is essential for patient care.

Multi-parameter patient monitors allow for the delivery of care in doctor’s offices, outpatient facilities and hospital critical care areas. They also support patient care during EMS or non-emergency ambulance transport. Bedside monitoring of vital signs may be required during post-anesthetic care for low-acuity patients and sleep studies. Monitors for patients are used to monitor children, adults, and neonates.

In a variety of medical situations, certain vital signs are the most critical to monitor. To ensure patient care, SpO2 (saturation of peripheral oxygen) measurement is required during surgery as well as in the recovery area.

Multi-parameter patient monitors offer a comprehensive view at a glance. Many have configurable vital sign settings, as well as audio and visual comprehensive alarms. There are many sizes available, and each monitor can be monitored for different parameters. Multi-use and portability offer high cost-performance ratios. Multiple monitors are not required. This equipment is vital for providing care teams with more information while they are at the patient’s side.

Patient Monitor features and capabilities

Sometimes, patient monitors are called vital signs monitors or anesthesia monitors. Heartland Medical offers a wide range of monitors that can be used in many settings, regardless of their label.

Select the monitors that meet your clinical requirements and our experts are here to help.

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