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Heartland Medical offers a variety of medical centrifuges for sale for medical environments such as laboratories, hospitals, medical clinics, doctors’ offices, and surgery centers.

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Blood test tubes in centrifuge.

A centrifuge, which is a laboratory instrument, is used to separate fluids, liquids or gases based on their density. The centrifugal force pushes heavier material to the exterior of the vessel. This is how you achieve separation. This apparatus can be found in many laboratories, from clinical to academic, to research. It is used to separate cells, proteins, and nucleic acid. There are many types of centrifuges, which can be classified based on their intended use or rotor design. There are many options for researchers, from the large floor model to the micro-centrifuge.

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What are the different functions of a centrifuge?

It can perform the following functions depending on its type and intended use:

  • In hematology
  • In molecular biology
  • In bacteriology
  • In parasitology
  • In toxicology, pharmacology, etc.

What are the options for centrifuges?

Many important features are required for the safety and ergonomics of the user as well as the safety and security of samples and users. These options are available to centrifuges.

  • Heating, Refrigerated, non-refrigerated
  • Centrifuge cover locking
  • Operated by batteries
  • Models or models, Low-noise, soundproof box equipped
  • Timer to set the centrifugation models, with or without
  • Measure the rotational speed with a tachometer
  • Digital display capabilities
  • The possibility of adjusting the rotational speed (acceleration and braking)
  • Rotor self-balancing
  • Accessories

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