Veterinary Products Division

Heartland Medical Sales and Services now features a dedicated Veterinary Products Division: Vetland Medical. Having served the veterinary community since 1998, Heartland/Vetland Medical will continue to manufacture and represent quality veterinary anesthesia equipment throughout the world. Vetland Medical has earned the trust of many veterinary institutions for our unsurpassed equipment maintenance and repair and, in addition, is especially proud of our exceptional line of veterinary anesthesia systems.

Vetland Medical’s line of anesthesia machines and monitors are of the highest quality in the industry while being competitively priced. In addition, we represent Edan ultrasounds, Schiller EKGs, Bovie electrosurgical units and lights, Tuttnauer Autoclaves, Pedigo, Clinton and Blickman stainless steel products and much more.

We are hopeful that you will give us an opportunity to prove to you our commitment to quality and service excellence. Please contact us with any needs for equipment or service and we will look forward to being of service to you soon!

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