Veterinary Products Division

Heartland Medical Sales and Services features a dedicated Veterinary Products Division.

Heartland Medical sells the Vetland Medical line of anesthesia machines and monitors that are of the highest quality in the industry while being competitively priced.
Heartland Medical also sells the Vetland Medical Tahoe Oxygen Concentrator – the first of its kind, it outperforms all other concentrators in every category – Pressure, flow, oxygen percentage, and cost of ownership!

In addition, we offer several options in oxygen supply, breathing accessories, ventilators, scavenging solutions, infusion pumps, temperature management, sterilization, and more.

We also offer anesthetic vaporizers and vaporizer services.

We are hopeful that you will allow us to prove to you our commitment to quality and service excellence. Please contact us with any needs for equipment or service and we will look forward to working with you soon!

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