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Employee Medical Device Certified.

Heartland Medical Sales and Service, LLC commitment to excellence and patient safety drives us to maintain current training certificates and biomedical certification for all appropriate staff members on all critical medical devices. This in-turn enables us to provide the very best on-site service and quality refurbished medical equipment. View Certifications

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There are many benefits of outpatient surgery, including decreased cost, convenience for the patient, and less time required from healthcare providers. Outpatient surgeries have become increasingly popular over recent years.

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Most people hold this misconception that surgeries are lengthy and complex procedures requiring hospital admission to get treatment. However, there exist all kinds of surgeries that are not only required to save one’s life but can also be exploratory in nature.

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With the average lifespan of an EKG machine being around 7 to 10 years, it might have been a while since you were last in the market to purchase one. The EKG machines today aren’t the bulky pieces of medical equipment of the past. You can even buy 12 lead machines that are compact and portable.

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