Surgical Lights: Operating Lights, and Exam Lights

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Empty Operating Room Prepared for Surgery Image
Empty Operating Room Prepared for Surgery

Operating lights are also known as surgical lights or exam lights. They are used primarily in hospitals operating rooms and ambulatory surgeries centers. However, they can be used throughout the facility to provide excellent lighting for procedures. These include the emergency rooms, labor and birth, examination rooms and any other area where procedures are performed.

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These lights are used by surgeons, clinicians, and proceduralists. The surgical light is used to illuminate the operating site of a patient during surgery for optimal visualization. It does not heat the patient or staff. There are many options available for optimal visualization of surgical procedures and surgeries. During medical exams, an examination light is used. During surgical procedures, the operating room lights are used.

Types of Surgical Lights

There are many types of surgical lights, each with its own role in the illumination of medical procedures. You can categorize them by type of lamp or mounting configuration. There are two types of lamp: the conventional (incandescent), and the LED (light emitting diode).

Surgical Light System

There are three types of surgical lighting: ceiling-mounted, wall mounted, and floor-stand. A surgical light can be used in any of these configurations, depending on the model. Ceiling-mounted lights can be mounted to a fixed spot on the ceiling in a procedure area. Wall-mounted lights can be mounted on the wall of an OR. Wall-mounted lights are more commonly used with surgical lights than examination lights. Floor standing surgical lights can be used in a variety of ways. They can be mounted on wheels and are usually standalone. This allows them to move around more easily. In examinations, mobile floor standing lamps are used often. Each of these lights plays an important role in the illumination of a surgical site during a procedure.

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