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LIFEPAK 20 Defibrillator Monitor

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Refurbished LIFEPAK 20 Defibrillator Monitor For Sale

An ideal crash cart defibrillator unit, the LIFEPAK 20 is medical equipment which puts timely, effective defibrillation into the hands of BLS responders while delivering the capability to seamlessly transition to full therapy and monitoring modalities for ALS  personnel.

The  LIFEPAK 20 defibrillator / monitor was designed and engineered specifically for hospitals and clinical use. Incorporating extensive feedback from practitioners worldwide, the 20 is sophisticated yet simple.  This machine represents a versatile and effective tool to meet comprehensive defibrillation and monitoring needs.

The used LIFEPAK 20 Defibrillator Monitor is for sale and available. Please contact us for additional details.

User Enhancements

The LIFEPAK 20’s highly intuitive interface means infrequent AED-trained responders find it uncomplicated to grasp and use. The time tested Shock Advisory System™ directs the user with both voice and visual cues through each step of this defibrillator’s simple 1-2-3 operation. By merely pushing a latch, the 20 quickly transitions to a manual defibrillator, including waveform displays. In manual operation mode, all advanced cardiovascular life support tools incorporated in this defibrillator are ready for engagement.

The LIFEPAK 20 features noninvasive pacing, Masimo SET pulse oximetry (SpO2), ECG monitoring (three or five-wire), and synchronized cardioversion. Designed for use indoors, the 20 is compact, lightweight, and readily rushed to the scene where it is needed. It can also be employed during patient transport.

A docking station which is an available option allows the device to be conveniently and securely attached to a crash cart for efficient and safe transport. The optional docking station allows the defibrillator to be easily released when the situation calls for it. The docking station can be swiveled to permit multiple viewing angles. Superb color graphics can be viewed from multiple angles, enabling clinicians to clearly see color matched waveforms and values for timely and informed decisions regarding patient care.




・AHA/ERC Guidelines 2005 compliant

・cprMAX™ technology

・Simple yet sophisticated for responders of differing skill levels

・Highly intuitive for swift, effective AED use

・Easily converts to manual mode

・ADAPTIV™ biphasic technology adjusts shock duration and voltage

・Broad dosage capability up to 360J, when needed

・Compact and lightweight for ease in carrying and versatile use Superb color graphics allow easy viewing from many angles

・Flexible therapy options (See options below)

・Easy to maintain and service


・ Masimo® SET® pulse oximetry

・Noninvasive pacing

・QUIK-COMBO® electrodes or hard paddles

・ Docking station




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