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Philips HeartStart XL Defibrillator / Monitor

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Refurbished Philips HeartStart XL Defibrillator For Sale

The Philips HeartStart XL Defibrillator / Monitor is designed to meet a wide variety of defibrillation and monitoring needs in medical equipment which is lightweight and easy to use.

At just under 14 pounds the HeartStart XL is easily transported throughout the hospital to the location where cardiac care is needed. A manual device combined with automated external defibrillator capabilities, HeartStart XL enables the first caregiver on the scene, whether an ALS or BLS doctor, to provide potentially lifesaving defibrillation therapy.

In AED mode, BLS users are guided via voice prompts and text messages through the defibrillation procdure, while the HeartStart XL continuously monitors and displays the patient’s ECG.

Upon arrival of ALS personnel, HeartStart XL is easily transitioned from AED to manual mode, allowing operators to utilize advanced therapeutic functions of the unit, including selectable energy (from 2 to 200 joules), stimulation noninvasive ( optional) , SpO2 (optional) and synchronized cardioversion.

Fast Charging Capability

Charges to highest energy level, 200 Joules, in less than 3.5 seconds.

User Friendly

  • Operation True 1-2-3 1-2-3 operation makes defibrillation intuitive for all users.
  • AED mode voice and text prompts users through the defibrillation process.
  • Pallets ( optional ) blades – Anterior/anterior adults become pediatrics by eliminating external contacts .
  • Pediatric pads for defibrillation , ECG monitoring , pacing and synchronized cardioversion multifunction defibrillator pads – adult .
  • Palettes internal paddles -Switch and sterilized without internal switch are designed to open chest defibrillation in the operating room .
  • Lightweight, durable, grab and go – Less than 14 pounds ( 6.35 kg) .
  • Compact- Easily fits on a standard hospital stretcher .
  • Rugged – withstands the rigors of hospital use and patient transport.


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