Philips HeartStart FR2 + AED Defibrillator


Refurbished Philips HeartStart FR2 AED Available For Purchase

The HeartStart SMART CPR measures key features of ventricular fibrillation presentation, evaluates them, then determines if administering shock first is prudent or CPR first, followed quickly by a shock.

Advanced life support ( ALS) trained professionals can easily change the HeartStart FR2 + to manual mode, giving them greater control over decision making. A display of ECG is also available for critical review .

Philips SMART Biphasic therapy uses a unique combination of high current to increase efficiency, and a low dose of energy  to lessen the side effects that are harmful to a fragile heart.

This medical equipment conducts self tests daily versus weekly. It performs in excess of 80 different tests, including pads integrity with audible and visual alerts to call attention to possible maintenance required. Thus it will be dependable when needed.

CPR is even more vital to survival than previously thought . Offer a shock quickly after chest compressions is critical. Quick Shock feature The HeartStart FR2 + ‘ s reduces the time between hands – off and shock delivery .

The operation of the HeartStart FR2 + is guided by clear, quick, safe and concise voice commands. This defibrillator is ideal for responders who are trained, drilled and ready to save a life.