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Physio-Control LifePak Express AED

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Lifepak Express AED


Available Used Refurbished Physio-Control LifePak Express AED

The Physio-Control LifePak Express Package Includes:

  • Physio Control LifePak Express AED
  • Adult Electrodes
  • Charge-Pak Battery
  • Training DVD & Operator’s Manual
  • Rescue Ready Kit (Scissors, Razor, Gauze, Alcohol Wipe, CPR Mask, Bandages)
  • AED Check Tags

The Refurbished Physio-Control LifePak Express AED can be Purchased or Rented/Leased

The LIFEPAK EXPRESS defibrillator is medical equipment that is easy to use.

When the user/responder activates this device and applies the QUIK-PAK electrode pads to the distressed person, the defibrillator evaluates the patient’s heart rhythm and  then delivers step-by-step instructions via calm but firm ClearVoice prompts. The LIFEPAK EXPRESS is designed to determine if a shock is beneficial and, if so, the easy-to-locate, flashing shock button alerts the rescuer to push the button.


The LIFEPAK EXPRESS defibrillator provides the most potent defibrillation energy available.

An initial shock administered to a sudden cardiac arrest victim is delivered at 200 joules (200J); demonstrated to be effective in defibrillating the heart in a majority of cases. However, as some patients prove more difficult to defibrillate than others—and may need more than 200J—the LIFEPAK EXPRESS is capable of escalating energy up to an industry-leading 360J.


LIFEPAK® devices from Physio-Control are the choice of professionals.

Although a rescuer’s goal is quick response to a sudden cardiac arrest victim, precious time can be lost in the transition to EMS. This is why the LIFEPAK EXPRESS and all other LIFEPAK devices use compatible electrodes and other technology, reducing the time it takes to transfer a victim to the care they need. This is a driving reason why LIFEPAK medical devices are the choice of more EMS units around the world than any other brand.


The LIFEPAK EXPRESS defibrillator is reliable and easy to own.

A readiness indicator keeps the owner appraised the defibrillator is prepared fulfill its function. In addition, the battery charger and electrodes have a synchronized replacement schedule, making maintenance of this medical equipment efficient and affordable.

** Physician’s Prescription Required by FDA


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