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Halux LED Exam Lights

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With the Halux LED Exam Lights, you get seven powerful LED bulbs working together to provide 50,000 LUX to illuminate an exam are with natural and clear color rendering for all types of examinations.  The color temperature can be changed to accommodate specific exam requirements by using a combination of LED colors.

The light adjusts to 3500K, 4100K or 4700K and has five dimming levels.

The Halux LED Exam Light has an articulating arm system which offers versatility in positioning and is easy to maneuver.

Fixed positioning is also available and easy to maintain thanks to the directional load compensation.  The joints in the Halux LED Exam Light are designed with a permanent friction setting so that no adjustments are necessary manually.



  • Seven powerful LEDs (50,000 LUX)
  • Adjustable color temperatures
    • 3500K
    • 4100K
    • 4700K
  • Five dimming levels
  • Easily accessible controls on luminaire head
  • Heat dissipates away from the lamp head
  • High energy efficiency and maintenance-free

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