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Steris Amsco – 585 LED Surgical Light

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Dual LED Harmony 585

The Harmony LED surgical lighting and visualization system is designed to provide variable pattern, variable intensity lighting and visible illumination of the surgical field. The system  facilitates the mounting of monitor and video transmission and control products. A communication device provides an electronic transfer of medical image data.

This medical equipment is a modular lighting system, providing high quality lighting for surgical and diagnostic applications. Harmony LED light heads provide reduced shade and cool lighting which is color corrected. Light intensity is monitored and controlled by a wall mounted Harmony Center LED microprocessor control.

The light intensity control head also monitors and operates wall control camera functions,as well as system diagnostics in general. Light intensity level can be adjusted by the surgeon, or other members of the sterile surgical team , using the control buttons on the head of the light system .

The Harmony LED system can be configured for a wide variety of applications ranging from simple procedures to outpatient surgery diagnosis and major surgery in large teaching hospitals. Available configurations include one, two or three light heads ( on a hill ) or a set of head lamp four (two mounts) . The Harmony LED lighting system can be configured for effective use in examinations and treatments, hospital emergency departments and intensive care units of the hospital. The Harmony LED system is designed to support a variety of video signals and control of transmission is through traditional copper or multimode fiber optic cabling within arms optional video display . The system can include up to four fiber optic Harmony monitors.The enabled LED lighting system is designed to replace video .

Harmony LED lights also reduce energy consumption by 1/3, have no bulb change requirements and give you a cooler, more comfortable room with 34% less beam heat.

Exceptional Surgical Site Illumination

Harmony LED high-performance optics mean you see virtually every detail of the exposed tissue.

  • Brighter light – up to 41% more luminance than other LED lights
  • Pure white light – 4400K color temperature
  • A large, bright spot – 160,000 lux
  • 84 overlapping beams of light virtually eliminate shadows from the surgeons head and hands

Superior color rendition

  • Better tissue discrimination with a CRI of 97
  • Deep, saturated reds with an R9 value of 96

See Every Image in Stunning Clarity

Harmony LED HD-capable suspension’s design gives you the freedom to choose video devices and technologies to meet your changing needs, now and in the future. Fiber optic cabling within the suspension delivers a crisp, clear signal all the way to STERIS HD monitors – so you see razor sharp images and vivid colors.

  • Accommodates virtually all HD signals – regardless of manufacturer or signal type (DVI, HD-SDI, RGBHV, etc)
  • Grows with you – add lightheads, ambient light, monitors and cameras
  • Add Harmony® ConnectPoint for video integration without costly or involved renovations
  • Convert general rooms to specialty suites quickly and easily
  • Count on years of reliability due to the unique cable management system



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