StarTrol Galaxy 8×4 LED Light

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The StarTrol Galaxy 8×4 LED lights are brighter, easier to clean and cooler.

These energy-efficient and eco-friendly  surgery lights exude bright, natural white light and have 50,000 hours of LED life.    The StarTrol Galaxy 8×4 lights are cool to work under and offer infinite variable positioning and multi-level dimming.  The robust spring never needs adjustment while the enclosed light head and the removable anodized aluminum handle make this light easy to clean and sterilize.   

-Wall Mounted

-Ceiling Mounted

-Dual Ceiling Mounted


  • 12.5″ Diameter Aluminum Light Head 
  • 64 LEDs (100,000 lux at a meter*)
  • 60″ Arm Reach with Unlimited Rotation at 2 Main Pivot Points
    • 700° Rotation at the Arm and Head Pivot Point
    • 330° Rotation at the Light Head Joint

*Preliminary testing.  Actual value to be determined with final testing