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Bovie MI 1000 LED Surgical Light-Wall Mount

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Bovie MI 1000 LED


MI-1000 LED Wall Mount

  • COMPELLING  The MI 1000 light is part of the “cutting-edge” MI LED SERIES by Medical Illumination International
  • COOL The MI 1000 light emits very low heat
  • BRIGHT  The MI 1000 light is output rated at 65,000 lux (6,000 foot candles) at 4,300 degrees Kelvin color temperature
  • EFFICIENT   “GREEN TECHNOLOGY”…The MI 1000 light uses significantly less electric consumption than standard halogen lights
  • RELIABILITY  Lighting equipment (excluding replacement parts) hasa three (3) yr. limited warranty. Long-life LED’s, rated up to 50,000 hrs.*
  • CONVENIENT  No replacement bulbs or fuses necessary…lower overall maintenance costs
  • VERSATILE  Available in a variety of mounting options
  • INNOVATIVE  Five-stage dimming and on/off switch controlled from sterilizable handle*The limited warranty excludes all bulbs and LED’s


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