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Dilon CoPilot VL+

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Dilon CoPilot VL+ Video Laryngoscope

This Dilon CoPilot VL+ video laryngoscope is making incubations more successful for clinicians on the first attempt.   With a better view and less needed force,  patient trauma is drastically decreased, making the experience for clinician and patient better, overall.   And because the Dilon CoPilot VL is so cost effective, it can be used for all intubations.  

The compact, portability of the CoPilot VL+ makes it easy to tote wherever you need it; ER, ICU, Cath lab.  The convenient design of the CoPilot VL+ allows for mounting to any IV pole as well as placement on a tabletop or patient chest via the detachable display with kickstand.  

Due to the affordable cost of the Dilon CoPilot VL+, it can be used for every intubation and the rechargeable battery avoids expensive battery replacement.  

The simple operation of this video laryngoscope, along with the bright LEDs, hi-res display and magnified view of the glottis, make the CoPilot VL+ a great choice for even the most seasoned clinicians.  The anatomical curve and the anti-fog coating keeps your view clear throughout intubation. 

There are two ways to intubate: stylet or bougie port.  

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