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Edan SE-1515 PC ECG

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All-in-one ECG workstation for diverse ECG applications

Combining ECG sampling boxes and comprehensive software, the SE-1515 provides efficient access to:
Resting ECG test, stress test, ECG data management, and ECG network gateway.

  • 18-16-15-12-9-Lead Resting ECG Test
    • Lead systems for all acuity levels
    • Lead systems for all patient types 
  • Wired/Wireless Stress Test 
    • Integrated with METs, DP, Duck Score and FAI
    • Wired and wireless solutions available 
  • Unique Sampling Box Design 
    • Color-coded and separated plug-and-play lead wires
    • One-button workflow with start/stop/event marker functionalities
    • Signal quality color-coded LED indicator 

On-Screen Measurements & Diagnosis

The SE-1515 allows a completely paperless workflow. Any waveform segment can be amplified and measured. 

Any report can be edited and confirmed. Any two reports can be selected and compared. 

In addition, clinicians can manually modify the position of a marker line to update the measurements on the report with one click.


Centralized ECG Management

Working as management software, the SE-1515 connects your ECG tests together with enhanced functionalities, 

inclusive of patient registration, data transmission, further report analysis, and data management. 

The SE-1515 ECG also connects ECG machines to HIS/PACs/EMR, building seamless data exchange in between.


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