Edan iM60 & iM70 Patient Monitors

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Used Edan iM60 & iM70 Patient Monitors For Sale


Heartland Medical now offers the new EDAN iM60 & iM70 model patient monitors for anesthesia, emergency, intensive and semi-intensive markets.   The iM60 & iM70 monitors have a sleek, no-fan, easily portable design that makes it perfect for transport.  They both have a water and dust proof keypad, bed rail hook for mobile monitoring, low power consumption and a 12.1″ (iM70) or 10.1″ (iM60) full-touch screen.

Standard Parameters: 

  • 3/5-lead ECG
  • RESP
  • EDAN SpO2
  • PR
  • 2-TEMP

Optional Parameters:

  • Nellcor OxiMax SpO2
  • Omron NIBP (iM70)
  • 2-IBP
  • Respironics CO2
  • Edan G2 CO2 C.O.
  • Phasein Anesthetic Gas/O2 (iM70)

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Patient Monitors

ECG, NIBP, Respiration, SpO2, Temperature



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Patient Monitor