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In order to assure vaporizer accuracy, most manufacturers recommend each vaporizer be serviced and calibrated annually – with the exceptions of the D19 & D20, which are calibrated for life.

Internal components involved with vaporization, bypass, pressure compensation, temperature compensation, and wicking are all potential problems if not serviced on a regular schedule.

  • Economic savings through reduced anesthetic waste
  • Health concerns are addressed by eliminating waste anesthetic gas leaks
  • Anesthetic accuracy is improved and confidence in the equipment leads to patient safety

Our Vaporizer Services Include:

  • Entire vaporizer disassembly & cleaning
  • Internal parts cleaning & inspecting
  • Replacement of wicking materials (as needed)
  • Calibration of thermal controls
  • Reassembly with new seals & lubricant
  • Perform Pressure Test
  • External cleaning & polishing
  • Calibration testing with an anesthetic agent as labeled
  • Calibration test certification (with certificate)
  • 12-month unconditional warranty
  • Vetland Medical technical expertise & product support

*Vaporizers are sophisticated medical devices & should ONLY be serviced by qualified service organizations

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