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Vetland D19 Vaporizer


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Vetland D19 Vaporizer – With 10 Year Warranty

Many technological innovations have been incorporated into the Vetland D19 vaporizer to ensure the most precise anesthetic metering device available.

The converted Vetland D19 vaporizer is a proven system with precision and longevity. Unlike other vaporizer models, the Vetland D19 vaporizer is “maintenance free” meaning there is not a scheduled recalibration/rebuild date recommended by the manufacturer. The unit provides accurate anesthetic volume percent outputs at fresh gas flows as low as 400cc. The vaporizer carries a 10-year warranty and is pressure and temperature-compensated. The lifecycle cost savings can easily exceed $3,000 over the ten-year warranty period in comparison to other vaporizer maintenance expenditures. The Vetland D19 vaporizer is available with funnel or key fill systems for Isoflurane and Sevoflurane.

The Vetland D19 vaporizer is a concentration-calibrated vaporizer designed to fulfill three main requirements in the administration of an anesthetic agent:

  • Delivery of accurate and constant concentrations over a range from less than 0.2% volume to a maximum of 5% ISO and 8% SEVO volume at flow rates from 300 cc to 10 lpm oxygen
  • Assurance of uniform and precisely controllable vapor concentrations, even during extended anesthesia.  A full range of animals can be induced and maintained safely, conveniently and economically
  • Delivered output is maintained at a steady rate without adjustment when automatic, controlled or assisted ventilation is employed
521-11-22 Isoflurane – Funnel Fill 10 Year Warranty
521-11-32 Isoflurane – Key Fill 10 Year Warranty
521-31-22 Sevoflurane – Funnel Fill 10 Year Warranty
521-31-32 Sevoflurane – Key Fill 10 Year Warranty


Condition Remarketed
Warranty 10 Years
Agents Available Isoflurane or Sevoflurane
Fill Style Funnel Fill or Key Fill
Mounting Variety of mounting manifolds available
Accuracy ± 15% Iso;  ±20% Sevo
Agent Capacity 200 ml
Concentration Range
(volume at flow rates from 300 cc to 15 LPM oxygen)
Iso: 0.2-5%
Sevo: 0.2-8%
Weight 6.49 kg / 14.3 lbs
Dimensions 205 mm (H) x 100 mm (D)
Flow 0.3 L to 15 LPM
Temp Range 59° F – 95°F

10 Year Warranty with no Annual Service Necessary:

The Vetland D19 vaporizer is automatically temperature compensated.  If the temperature in the vaporizer chamber rises, the vapor pressure of the anesthetic agent also rises.  Competitive vaporizers utilize very small metallic strip thermostats that require annual maintenance and adjustment for continued accuracy.  The Vetland D19 vaporizer compensates automatically for this by altering the division of the gas flow utilizing a large brass and nickel mass of metals that expand and contract at different rates.  The temperature compensation mechanism is resistant to aging and allows Vetland Medical to offer a 10-year warranty and promote this as a “maintenance-free” vaporizer because the vaporizer has no set recalibration or adjustment schedule.

Unlike competitive vaporizers that utilize paper or cotton fibers, the Vetland D19 vaporizer wick material is a space-age, felt mesh that is much more absorbent and provides much more surface area conducive to the molecular transference to the carrier gas.

The Vetland  D19 vaporizer can be universally mounted to a variety of anesthesia systems.

Vetland Medical’s Vaporizer Exchange Program

Many vaporizers have manufacturer recommendations that they are cleaned and calibrated annually to ensure accuracy.  Previous options for this function were downtime with your equipment while you sent your vaporizer in for service, or an incomplete overhaul if you had a technician perform the service in-house.  Now, the process is easy with Vetland Medical’s Vaporizer Exchange Program!

How It Works:

 1) Call us to place an order for a vaporizer exchange (please specify vaporizer type, agent, model, and brand of the machine if it is to be mounted to)

2) When replacement vaporizer arrives:

  • Empty the agent from and detach your existing vaporizer from your anesthesia machine
  • Attach the new, refurbished vaporizer to your anesthesia machine
  • Place your old unit in the shipping box, apply the pre-paid return shipping label and send the unit to us

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