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AMSCO Quantum 3080 RL Surgical Table

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AMSCO Quantum 3080 RL Surgical Table


The AMSCO Quantum 3080 RL Used Surgical Table is Available For Sale and Rental

Product Overview

The 3080 RL has proven to be a versatile general surgery table that provides ease of patient positioning, good C-arm access and ease of use. The 3080 also has a proven track record for reliability.

Key Features:

This medical equipment will accommodate the most routine procedure as well as the most demanding orthopedic case to neurosurgery. Any procedure will be aided by the radiolucent table-top which affords quality imaging capability. Removing the head section and relocating it to the foot end of the table further enhances the available imaging window.

Simple Operation

Use of the hand control makes positioning the patient very intuitive. Every position of the table can be achieved through a single depression of the appropriate button. Using the “Patient Orientation” button makes positioning the table very intuitive when reversing the patient on the table. When the procedure is completed a single depression of the “Return to Level” button brings the table back to the neutral (level) position.

Absolute Override Protection

A total power failure or electrical system malfunction will not take this OR table out of action. The user can continue to position the patient or return the table to the neutral position. The AMSCO Quantum 3080 RL Surgical Table is equipped with a manual foot pump and auxiliary switches that provide override control of all patient positions.

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