Skytron 3008 Clarity

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The Skytron 3008 imaging table features an infinitely adjustable,  83″ carbon fiber float top, allowing for full-body imaging and a 65″ window for unobstructed imaging.  Patients can be effortlessly moved within the imaging window at a controllable speed.  

The 3008 Clarity also offers a low profile base to avoid conflict with movable imaging equipment and is ideal for endo-vascular imaging or stent placement.


  • 8″ lateral top slide
  • 28″ longitudinal top slide
  • 500 pound lift capacity (in both normal and reversed patient)
  • Speed adjustable float top control
  • Adjustable table height (28″ – 42″)
  • 83″ carbon fiber top
  • 65″ unobstructed imaging window
  • 20° lateral tilt, Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg
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General Surgery Tables, Radiographic Tables (C-Arm Compatible)