AMSCO 2080 RC Major Surgery Table


AMSCO 2080 RC Used Major Surgery Table Available for Sale or Rental


Product Overview

The 2080RC Remote Control General Surgery Table is a good all-around general surgery table that has a track record of providing years of reliable service.

Key Features:

Great Versatility The 2080RC provides a full range of articulation, meeting the needs of virtually every general surgical procedure. The addition of the x-ray top mounted on the table top facilitates taking x-rays during the procedure.

Operating Controls:

The 2080 RC offers the additional dimension of a Hand Control which allows the anesthesiologist to use the controls from either end of the table. The Hand Control accommodates all the same control func- tions as the electro mechanical controls.

Foot Pedals are easily actuated and clearly identified.

They include: 

Lock – to engage either the castors or locks with the floor.

Raise/Lower – to raise or lower the table top.

Powered Articulation (used in conjunction with the hand actuated lever).

Hand control selections include:


Reverse Trendelenburg

Back Raise/Lower

Lateral Tilt Left/Right

Foot Raise/Lower

Flex/ Reflex