Seiler IQ ENT Surgical Microscope

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Seiler iQ ENT Surgical Microscope For Sale or Rent


The Seiler IQ ENT microscope is a high quality 3-economic levels increase, apochromatic lenses superior optics, ultra bright LED lighting and a gas piston pantograph arm designed specifically for professional ENT.

Specifications Range

  • Straight Binocular head (Optional: 0-180 or 0-220 inclinable head)
  • 3-step system increased turret: 4.2x, 7x and 11x
  • Illuminated LED: 80,000 LUX (optional: Plasma or xenon)
  • The true light through the lens coaxial
  • Widefield 10x eyepieces (12.5x, 16x and 20x also available)
  • 250mm objective lens (175mm-400mm also available)
  • Gas piston counterbalance arm pantograph
  • 6 “extension arm (optional 12”)
  • Options available digital video cameras and live
  • Have a medical Heartland representative about a guarantee

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Equipment Type

Surgical & Laboratory Microscopes