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Seiler Evolution ZOOM Microscope

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Seiler Evolution ZOOM Microscope For Sale or Rent

The Seiler Evolution Zoom is a new zoom microscope that allows the user the ability to operate in a range of continuous increase of 3x – 24x . The expansion and motorized focus system are controlled by a set of handles control or control of motorized foot pedal . This allows the operator the freedom to control the zoom level easily. In addition to the zoom , zoom Evolution can be equipped with an XY system that gives the user the ability to control the positioning of the optical sheath easily with large increases .

Specifications Range

  • Objective: 200m – 400m
  • Eyepieces: 10x , 20x 12.5x and
  • Field of View: 14 -70mm
  • Diopter Adjustment : -6 to +6
  • Minimum interpupillary distance: 48-78 mm for tilting binocular head
  • Field of illumination: 70mm
  • Dual halogen light source with standard control panel LED display
  • Illumination brightness of the working area at full power : 80,000 lux ( min.)
  • 0-200 ° tilt head
  • Xenon (optional )
  • Vertical working height : 0.70 m minimum and maximum of 1.45 m ( without XY ) (with XY positioning system , minimum and maximum 0.67 m 1.44 m)
  • Microfocus limit vertical adjustment 40mm .
  • Weight: 103kg (not including accessories ) .
  • Gross weight: 170 kg

XY system

The XY system moves the optical position along the X and Y axes of the horizontal plane , with a movement of 22.5 mm on each side of the center position. Requires multifunction pedal in order to be operated .

multifunctional pedal

Controls the following functions:

  • Change the lighting inside and outside
  • Scales the zoom system
  • motorized microfocusing
  • XY movement system through footstick
  • Adjusting the brightness of the lighting

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Surgical & Laboratory Microscopes