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Seiler Westlab III

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Refurbished Seiler Westlab III Microscope For Sale or Rent

Westlab III

Routine microscope economic price that offers all the standard features of angular areas including higher priced halogen 6V 20W halogen light , coaxial coarse and fine focus , Finity Seidentopf binocular head , right hand graduated mechanical stage , 10x eyepieces, wide of 20 mm FOV and 4 semi – plan achromatic objectives including 4, 10, 40, and 100x oil objective , all mounted on a four click -stop turret ball bearing inwards.

Specifications Range

Semi – Plan Objectives: 4, 10 , 40, 100x oil
Halogen 6V -20W
Seidentopf binocular head : 30 ° inclined , 360 ° rotation
Ocular : WF10X/20mm
Interpupillary distance: 50 -75mm
Reversed quadruple nosepiece click -stop
Coaxial coarse and fine focus control calibration
Condenser : Abbe type NA = 1.25 with iris diaphragm
Mechanical stage 142x140mm with removable slide holder ; circulation area with the right platen knob
System anti -fungal
100V- 240W Universal Power Supply
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Standard Accessories

Includes dust cover, blue filter , immersion oil , spare bulb, fuse BGX 1-20

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Equipment Type

Surgical & Laboratory Microscopes