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Syringe Pump


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Fast. Easy. Precise.

Numeric Keypad – Easy and fast setup

Simple, fast and convenient syringe installation 

Color LCD – Display complete infusion information

  • Self Testing– Every time the unit turns on, the pump self-tests
  • Auto-Syringe Detection – Detect syringe size automatically
  • Shortcut Key – Set syringe brand, occlusion and buzzer level
  • K.V.O. (Keep Vein Open) – When the delivery volume has been reached, flow rate turns into K.V.O. rate (adjustable from 1ml/h to 10ml/h) automatically
  • Keypad Lock Function – Lock keypad with or without password
  • Infusion Setup – Flow rate/ Delivery volume/ Infusing time
  • Retain Memory – Last setting value is retained
  • Remaining Time Display
  • Alarm Repeat Function
  • Open System – Up to 10 syringe brands can be calibrated in a single unit
  • Buzzer Level – 3 steps
  • Occlusion Level – 9 steps (3.8 ~ 19.3PSI)
  • Purge Rate – Adjustable (0.1~1200ml/h)
  • Bolus Rate – ON/OFF, adjustable (0.1~1200ml/h, 0.1~1000ml)
  • Anti Bolus – Reduce bolus significantly after occlusion release (ON/OFF)
  • History Call Back – Display data from up to last 10 infusions
  • Dosage Mode (Body Weight Mode) – Automatically calculates and sets the proper flow rate when the dose rate, body weight, drug mass and solution volume are entered. (Optional)
  • Unit Setup for Dosage Mode – ml/h, mg/kg/h, mg/kg/min, µg/kg/h, µg/kg/min (Optional)
  • Nurse Call – Each unit can be connected with nurse call system (DC 24V, 0.5A) (Optional)
  • Profile Function – Program infusion condition (flow rate, delivery volume, delivery time) differently every hour, up to 24 hours (Optional)
  • Drug Labeling – (Optional)
  • Central System – Connect with main PC for monitoring (Optional)


710-8800 Syringe Pump

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Syringe Pump