Mini Infusion Pump

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Innovative and Light-Weight for Portability and Convenience

  • Self Testing – Every time the unit turns on, the pump self-tests
  • K.V.O. (Keep Vein Open) – When the delivery volume has been reached, flow rate turns into K.V.O. rate (adjustable from 0.1ml/h to 9.9ml/h) automatically
  • Keypad Lock Function – Keypad is locked with or without password
  • Infusion Setup – Flow rate / Delivery volume / Infusion time
  • Alarm Repeat Function
  • Buzzer Level – 3 steps
  • Occlusion Level – 5 steps (4PSI – 20PSI)
  • Bolus Rate – ON/OFF, Adjustable (0.1 ~ 1200ml/h, 0.1 ~ 1000ml)
  • History Call Back – Call back last 15 days of infusion data
  • Data Storage – With power off, stored data will go for 5 years
  • Strengthening Safety – Dual CPU stops the device when there is a malfunction
  • Prevention of FREE FLOW – IV set is automatically locked for preventing FREE FLOW when door is open
  • Dosage Mode (Body Weight Mode) – Automatically calculate and set a proper flow rate when dose rate, body weight, drug mass and solution volume are entered (Optional)
  • Recharging Battery
  • Profile Function – Program infusion condition (flow rate, delivery volume, delivery time) differently for every hour, up to 24 hours
  • Easy Mode – Call back 3 most frequently used drugs and flow rates after saving data
710-9900 Mini Infusion Pump

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