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Stryker Neptune 2

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Systematic containment reduces fluid contact with staff and floor.

Neptune 2 with SealShut Technology is always closed. This protects you from biohazardous liquids, whether it’s during transport, case, manifold, docking, or other activities. Because it can hold 24 litres, and is patient-to-patient in use, you may not need to empty it every day. To empty the Neptune 2, simply roll it to its docking station. Automatic connections allow for easy docking and emptying.

Fluid contact with the floor and staff is reduced by systematic containment. The smoke evacuator, which has been designed to evict surgical smoke carrying dangerous chemicals, bacteria, viruses and other irritants, follows many clinical organizations’ recommendations. The Neptune 2’s collective capabilities will reduce your risk exposure and increase your peace of mind.


Fluid Management

  • Neptune 2 with SealShut™ Technology is constantly closed during cases, manifold changes, docking and transport.
  • Systematic containment reduces fluid contact with staff and floor
  • Permits patient-to-patient use (Manifolds are single use)
  • Clearly defines and displays low, medium and high suction and audibly alerts and visually displays when on high suction.
  • Provides two independently adjustable suction sources, one for each canister
  • Powered IV pole for four 3000mL bags; self retracts when turned off.
  • Helps optimise theatre turnover time, scheduling and volume

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Sustainability and Red Bag Waste Reduction

  • Same footprint as a canister tree, but much more eco-friendly
  • Reduces red bag waste
  • Manifold constructed of environmentally-preferred polypropylene
  • 95% of the Neptune is recyclable upon decommission
  • Uses eco-friendly detergent

Smoke Evacuation

  • Comes standard on Neptune 2, no need for separate capital budget
  • Automatically detects in-room smoke and adjusts suction to clear surgical site
  • ULPA filters meet highest standards; 99.999% efficient capturing particles 0.12 microns and larger
  • Operates on the separate pump; 80-hour filter life independent of fluid suction
  • Supports professional organisations call for evacuation of harmful smoke which can also spread infectious diseases

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