Hill-Rom P8020 Electric Stretcher


Hill-Rom’s rugged Electric Stretcher (P8020) combines the comfort of a hospital bed with the mobility of a stretcher. Built to last year after year, this electric hospital stretcher offers outstanding safety, patient comfort and quality.


Why struggle to steer and stop? An optional Active Hand Brake reduces strain of going down ramps and sudden stops. The Electric Stretcher’s integrated IV pole transport device option helps you to maneuver stretcher and IV pole stands with ease. The next generation Steering Plus™ system allows crisp cornering and control.


Side-rail controls allow patients to electrically adjust the stretcher for their own comfort. The variety of mattress selections provide comfort and safe skin.


The Electric Stretcher’s reinforced frames are made of heavy-gauge, automotive-grade steel for long-lasting quality — and a 700 lbs. weight capacity to handle higher patient weights. Nickel-plated push handles, IV poles, side-rails and other components offer superior rust resistance, even in harsh environments.