Hill-Rom Transtar P8000 700 lb Capacity Procedural Stretcher

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The Hill-Rom Transtar P8000 – 700 lb capacity Procedural Stretcher


Max Weight ————————————————————————————–700 lbs (317.5 kg)

Low Position

(floor to top of surface)—————————————————-20.7in. (52.6cm)

(with scale)——————————————————————–20.5in. (52.1cm)

Height Position

(floor to top of surface)—————————————————-34.25in. (87cm)

(with scale)———————————————————————34in. (86.4cm)

Overall Length —————————————————————83in. (210.8cm)

Overall Width

With side rails up ———————————————————-32in. (81.3cm) or 36in (91.4cm)

With side rails stored —————————————————–26.5in. (67.3cm) or 30.25in (76.8cm)

Side Rail Length  ———————————————————-47in. (119.4cm)

Side Rail Height (above mattress/surface)  ———————–14in. (35.6cm)

Mattress Size —————————————————————26in. (66cm) x 75in. (190.5 cm) or 30in (76.2cm) x 75in. (190.5cm)

Maximum Head Elevation ——————————————-90°

Maximum Trend./Reverse Trend. ——————————-±18°

Floor to Base Clearance ———————————————–3.5in. (8.9cm)

Caster Size —————————————————————-8in. (20.3cm)



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