Standard Wye Breathing Circuits

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Pediatric & Adult Size Wye Breathing Circuits

567-2300 Pediatric Circuit 30″ without Bag 567-2362C  Pediatric Circuit 36″ with 1L Bag
[case of 30]
567-2301 Pediatric Circuit 30″ with 5L Bag 567-2363  Pediatric Circuit 36″ with 2L Bag
567-2302 Pediatric Circuit 30″ with 1L Bag 567-2364 Pediatric Circuit 36″ with 3L Bag
567-2303 Pediatric Circuit 30″ with 2L Bag 567-2600 Pediatric Circuit 60″ without Bag
567-2304 Pediatric Circuit 30″ with 3L Bag 567-2600C  Pediatric Circuit 60″ without Bag
[case of 30]
567-2360 Pediatric Circuit 36″ without Bag 567-2601 Pediatric Circuit 60″ with 5L Bag
567-2360C Pediatric Circuit 36″ without Bag
[case of 30]
567-2602  Pediatric Circuit 60″ with 1L Bag
567-2361 Pediatric Circuit 36″ with 5L Bag 567-2603 Pediatric Circuit 60″ with 2L Bag
567-2362 Pediatric Circuit 36″ with 1L Bag 567-2604  Pediatric Circuit 60″ with 3L Bag
567-2840 Adult Size Circuit 40″ with 3L Bag
567-2840C  Adult Size Circuit 40″ with 3L Bag
[case of 30]
567-2860  Adult Size Circuit 60″ with 3L Bag
567-2872  Adult Size Circuit 72″ with 3L Bag
567-JO249 Black Rubber 22mm Circuit with Plastic Wye
567-2222 22mm x 22mm Adapter to Extend Length


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