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Mouse & Rat Intubation Products


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Mouse & Rat Intubation Products

000A3467 Rodent Tilting Workstand
000A5644 Combo-Rodent Tilt Stand & Heated Hard Pad
000A3747 Mouse Intubation Pack
000A3746 Rat Intubation Pack
201A3354 1.22mm OD Orange ET Tube (pack of 5)
201A3353 1.27mm OD Blue ET Tube (pack of 5)
201A3491 Mouse ET Tube Introducer
200A3589L Mouse Intubation Specula (long)
200A3589S Mouse Intubation Specula (short)
201A3496 Mouse Lidocaine Applicator
200A3686A Rat ET Tube 14g Clear Cath (5 pack)
210A3492 Rat ET Tube Introducer
200A3683 Mirror for Intubation Verification
200A3590 Rat Lidocaine Applicator
200A3588 Rat Specula


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