Non-Rebreathing Circuits for Animals Under 10 Pounds

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Bain CPRAM, Modified Jackson Rees & Mapleson Circuits

910-312A Bain CPRAM Breathing Circuit
[fresh gas tubing, 15mm adapter & scavenging line]
(accepts any 15mm connection mask – shown with rodent mask)
(mask sold separately)
567-3374 1L Bag with Modified Jackson Rees Circuit
567-3374c 1L Bag with Modified Jackson Rees Circuit [case of 20]
567-3375 Modified Jackson Rees with 2L Bag
567-3375c Modified Jackson Rees with 2L Bag [case of 20]
567-3376 Modified Jackson Rees without Bag
567-33M2 Mapleson Non-Rebreathing Circuit
[fresh gas line, exp. hose, 2-liter bag with bleed valve]


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