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Maquet Alphastar General Surgery Table

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Maquet Alphastar General Surgery Table


Maquet Alphastar Refurbished General Surgery Table Available for Purchase or Rental

Product Overview

The Maquet Alphastar has unprecedented flexibility when it comes to patient positioning. The head and leg sections are totally interchangeable, not to mention the wide variety of additional table sections that are available to optimize patient positioning.

Among the many attachments are a carbon fiber extension that provides unimpaired visibility when using a C-arm. The leg section can also be replaced with traction bars making the table a good choice for trauma centers.

The strong column and wide footprint allow the patient to be positioned in normal and reversed orientation without compromising stability. Combine this with the flexibility and connectivity of the patient platform and this table provides the ability to position any patient optimally for surgery without compromising patient comfort.

This table also offers a totally unique head support that has been designed specifically to meet the needs of Maxillo-Facial, Ophthalmology and ENT procedures.

Last but not least the Alphastar provides the ability to transport the table (complete with patient when lowered and leveled) using the Auto Drive feature. The drive system requires no pushing or pulling by the care giver to move the table and patient, thereby reducing the risk of backstrain.

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