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Zimmer ATS 3000 Automatic Tourniquet System

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The Zimmer ATS 3000 is a dual-port, dual cuff system.  It includes microprocessor controls and supplies and measures pressure independently with dedicated ports.

The Zimmer ATS 3000 has a self-check calibration which allows automatic checks of accuracy of the machine calibration every time the unit is turned on.  The Cuff Alert feature notifies the user when there is an attempt to set the machine to “Stand-by”.   The Cuff Lockout feature asks the user to confirm delation during bilateral or IVRA procedures.  This feature reduces complications that can lead to injury or death.

The Zimmer ATS 3000 comes with a four-hour battery backup that maintains pressure even if AC power is temporarily lost.  The size-varying, color-coded cuffs accommodate virtually any patient and limb.

The ATS 3000 is a clean, compact and portable system  that can be mounted onto an IV pole or placed on a table and the carrying handle that is makes it easy to transport.  The pull-out hangers give the system convenient storage for cuffs and hoses.

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