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EcoSorb Carbon Dioxide Absorbent


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EcoSorb Carbon Dioxide Absorbent is a white to violet medical grade soda lime for veterinary closed anesthesia circuits manufactured by Vetland Medical Sales & Services, LLC.

561-2500 EcoSorb 3 lb. bag
561-2501 EcoSorb prepack canister
561-2502 EcoSorb 37 lb. pail/bucket
561-2503 EcoSorb twin jug
561-2500c EcoSorb 3 lb. bags / case of 12
561-2501c EcoSorb prepack canisters/ case of 12

Unique Particle Geometry

  • EcoSorb is a white-to-violet medical grade soda lime for veterinary closed anesthesia circuits.  EcoSorb is a product of Vetland Medical and consists of      D-shaped, irregularly sized particles.  The geometry produces better packing density, minimizes the distance to the center of the particle and provides greater surface are versus volume.  These qualities combine to create improved absorption capacity.
    • Effective shape for CO2 absorption
    • Larger surface area relative to volume
    • Decreased reaction time resulting in high absorption levels
    • Maximum consumption of soda lime


The dust content of EcoSorb is minimal and coupled with its standard hardness, ensures zero additional dust is produced during transport and handling.  This reduces the risk of dust contamination and gas flow resistance during use.


In low-flow anesthesia, EcoSorb demonstrates a highly efficient absorption capacity.  Test data confirms EcoSorb consistently absorbs approximately 150liters of CO2 per kilogram before experiencing a 0.5% CO2 breakthrough.  The ultimate benefit of this attribute is the cost savings associated with the higher absorption capacity.


EcoSorb does not contain Potassium Hydroxide (KOH).  A small amount of Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) is in the product to act as a catalyst.


EcoSorb is manufactured with a moisture content of 15.5%.  This attribute prevents the granules from drying out during normal usage.

EcoSorb is an efficient absorbent when used according to its instruction for use.


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