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Bovie IDS-300 Electrosurgical Generator

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Bovie IDS-300


Bovie IDS-300 Pre-Owned Electrosurgical Generator Can Be Purchased or Rented

Intelligent Digital System
IDS technology gives the surgeon the flexibility to consistently choose the type of effect desired with maximum convenience and safety.
The Bovie IDS Series are innovative electrosurgical generators with fully digital implementation for use in today’s modern OR and surgical outpatient center. The Bovie-IDS units are easy-to-handle yet capable of covering a whole spectrum of electrosurgical interventions. Monopolar and bipolar functions satisfy all surgical demands with maximum safety and a user-friendly interface. Bovie’s digital technology makes controlling the IDS Systems very simple for the OR team, allowing the surgeon to concentrate on what’s important – the operation and the patient.


Width: 31.1cm (12.25 in)
Height: 15.3cm (6.00 in)
Depth: 41.3cm (16.25 in)
Weight: < 8.75kg (< 19 lbs)

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Electrosurgical Unit