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Medical Equipment Service, Repair, and Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance and Equipment Service and Repair

Heartland Medical Sales and Services LLC provides medical equipment service to hospitals, surgical centers, medical facilities, practitioners and, clinicians with a dynamic Service Department. On-site field services are offered nationwide. Heartland can provide installation of equipment, annual preventive maintenance, and emergency repair. Contracts can be configured with 24-hour support, 24-hour response, and loaner equipment when necessary.

The Service Team also offers bench services for biomedical repair, consulting services regarding equipment management or procurement as well as refurbishing services to rejuvenate your current equipment and extend its useful life expectancy very cost effectively.

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Track Record

Our Medical Equipment Service Team has an impressive track record and can back it up with testimonials from customers coast to coast.

Equipment Planning for Startups

Helping facilities plan and budget is a specialty shared by our Sales and Service forces. As a team, our experts will help you step by step to work through your equipment wish lists. Get insight and feature comparisons between models. We will research and explain Life cycle cost projections and much more information related to the products necessary to aid you in making an educated decision. We will provide you options and help procure the equipment. We will be your partner from startup to finish working in a “turn-key” manner helping you choose equipment, install the equipment, in service your staff on the usage of the products and help you put into place a follow-up technical support and maintenance plan that will meet your every need cost effectively.

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We also provide Technical Education Services.

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Brad Rumph

Brad Rumph is the  President of Heartland Medical Sales and Services LLC. Together with his investment partners, he established Heartland Medical in 1998, after working for a medical equipment distributor for several years, taking on the roles of Anesthesia System Specialist, a Director of Technical Sales, and finally the Vice President.

He went on to earn a number of certifications connected with medical equipment, such as Medical Gas Maintenance Personnel. Additionally, he successfully completed several courses which required passing a final exam, including IPMM/SCR seminar, technical service basic and advanced seminars, Fabius GS seminar, Narkomed Mobile, and so on. He has also successfully gained the NAD Service Classification of Senior Technical Representative.