Heartland Medical PS 8100 10-Watt Portable LED Headlight System

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O.R. level intensity is now mobile with the Heartland PS 8100 Portable LED Headlight.

• Brilliant 10-watt LED provides 25,000 – 50,000 hours of use
• 10,000 Foot Candles of clean, even, adjustable intensity
• 6,000 Degree Kelvin
• Spot Size Iris adjusts from 1.6 cm – 7.6 cm at 30 cm
• Comfortable headband options available
• Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries delivers 4.5 hours of use on
maximum intensity
• System includes two (2) Battery Packs
• Batteries feature LED and Audible “Charge Life” Meter
• 100v to 240v Charger included with each system
• Carrying Case Included

Lamp: 10-Watt LED
Color Temp: 6,000° Kelvin
Lamp Life: 25,000 Hours
Battery Life: 4.5 Hours on High
Charge Time: 5 Hours
Pinpoint Spot Adjustment: 2.5″ – .5″ Spot at 12″ (64mm – 13mm Spot at 305mm)
3.5″ – 7.5″ Spot at 16″ (89mm – 19mm Spot at 406mm)
Power: 100v – 240v

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Equipment Type

Surgical Headlight