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Masimo Rad-7 Veterinary Pulse Oximeter


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The Masimo Rad-7 is a standalone device that offers unprecedented versatility in multiple care areas with its multi parameter monitoring interface via SatShare.   The Rad-7 links the power of rainbow and Masimo SET to help clinicians improve patient outcomes and reduce the cost of care. The Rad-7 allows for display changes with the touch of a finger so clinicians can move any parameter to and from the screen and never lose track of any vital signs. With the instant-trend feature,  a simple finger gesture allows clinicians to view one or two parameters at once.  They can also move, expand or collapse parameter trends for real-time analysis.

The Rad-7 raises the bar for noninvasive measurements and allows clinicians to instantly adapt to changing monitoring needs for individual patients.

627-R7CDS-1 Masimo Rad-7

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