Building A Surgery Center

A small scale or equipping an operating room, a planning phase is essential.

If you are building a surgery center then you have a lot of variables to consider when planning for your new space.  Whether you are planning a small outpatient surgery center or equipping an operating room for a large hospital, Heartland Medical Sales and Services can help.  We provide the best value for your capital medical equipment budget by offering new equipment and refurbished top name brand operating room and recovery room equipment.

When constructing a surgery center you need to consider all of the costs involved from the brick and mortar to the medical equipment that will be needed to effectively run the center. We suggest that you do your research when it comes to purchasing medical devices. New, top brand surgical equipment can be extremely expensive. If you purchase lower quality equipment, it may end up costing you more in the long run, because of maintenance issues, more frequent need for replacement, and subsequent staff retraining.

Consider the benefits of used medical equipment when building a surgery center.  Heartland Medical Sales and Services sells and services top brand name refurbished operating room and PACU medical equipment. We have a vast inventory of used surgery equipment that we refurbish, which is all guaranteed to meet or exceed the original manufacturer’s specifications. We offer warranties which are often equal to the warranty of new preoperative equipment.

Types of new and used medical equipment we sell and service include:


Heartland Medical is your one-stop shop for building a surgery center and planning resource.

So, if you are ready to build a new surgery center, please contact us and we promise you will not be disappointed. You will get the best value for your new surgery center and your capital equipment dollars!

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