Steris Cmax Surgical Table


Condition: Refurbished

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Steris Cmax Refurbished Surgical Table Available For Purchase or Rental

Product Overview

The Cmax is a fine general surgery table that provides ease of patient positioning and good C-arm access which has been dramatically enhanced by the 18” of tabletop slide that is provided.

Key Features: Great Versatility The Cmax can accommodate the entire gambit of procedures ranging from Neuro, Spine/Lumbar, GYN, Euro, Kidney/Thoracic, Ophthalmic, Shoulder Chair and even Orthopedic Traction. All these procedures are complemented by the radiolucent tabletop which affords great imaging capabilities during a procedure. The built-in powered Kidney Bridge further enhances patient positioning.

Simple Operation Use of the hand control makes positioning the patient very intuitive. Every position of the table can be achieved through a single depression of the appropriate button. Using the “Patient Orientation” button makes positioning the table very intuitive when reversing the patient on the table, which is a position rarely used on this table in light of the extended slide offered by the table top. When the procedure is completed a single depression of the “Return to Level” button brings the table back to the neutral (level) position. The hand control also offers a digital readout that displays the degrees of elevation.

Absolute Override Protection Even in the event of a complete power failure and electrical system malfunction on the table, the user can still position the patient or return the table to the neutral position. Every table is equipped with a manual foot pump and auxiliary hand control that provides override control of all critical patient positions.


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